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An Article about Armed robbery charges

Sentencing – Armed Robbery
We deal with many armed robbery cases. The last one we did prior to this article was a man who robbed a pharmacy with a knife. He received a community based sentence.

An armed robbery is an extremely serious charge and can bring large gaol terms. In the case above there were enough psychological reports to show the problems the defendant had and it was an unusual enough crime that we were able to convince the Court to impose a community based sentence.

Armed robbery has to be heard in the County Court if you are an adult.

The following cases set out reasons why there should be strict punishment for any armed robberies with syringes (includes the authorities) and details the imposition of a suspended sentence for two armed robberies.

DPP v Winslett [2004] VSC 426

An appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions against an accused who committed an armed robbery and caused serious injury intentionally – Sentence of 12 months to be served on intensive correction order – appeal dismissed

DPP v Roe [2005] VSCA 178 (21 July 2005)

You can get a non-conviction order for an armed robbery although it is a very rare occasion that this would occur.

DPP v Candaza, Koufomanolis, Mavros & Nunez [2003]VSCA 91


Date: 09/01/2009