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What the Law states according to VIC Law for Common Assault

Summary Offences Act 1966 – SECT 23
Common Assault

23. Common Assault

Any person who unlawfully assaults or beats another person shall be guilty of an offence. Penalty: 15 penalty units or imprisonment for three months.

The Maximum Penalty – Common Assault

According to VIC Law for the charge of Common assault, 3 months / 15 penalty units.

What the Police must prove according to VIC Law for Common Assault

The accused unlawfully assaulted or beat another person.

Street names for Common assault


Possible Defences Under VIC Law – Common Assault

(a) Duress
(b) Factual dispute
(c) Identification dispute
(d) Lack of intent
(e) Mental impairment
(f) Necessity
(g) Self-defence

In VIC, which court will hear the matter – Common Assault

Magistrates’ Court

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