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Practice and Procedure – VIC

Welcome to the VIC Embracery article page. Everything you need to know about Embracery according to VIC law.

What the Law States according to VIC Law for Embracery

According to VIC Law for the charge of Embracery,

This is a common law offence which means that it does not come under particular legislation. The law surrounding it is from case law rather than legislation by parliament.

If you look at what must be proved that is basically what the law is in relation to this charge.

There is then a lot of case law that explains this law in greater detail.

The Maximum Penalty – Embracery

According to VIC Law for the charge of Embracery, 15 years maximum.

What the Police must prove according to VIC Law for Embracery

1. That there was a trial
2. That the accused spoke to or had contact with a jury member
3. That the accused did so with the intent of influencing the juror to return a certain verdict
4. That doing so interfered with the administration of judtice

Possible Defences under VIC Law – Embracery

1. Factual dispute
2. Lack of intent

In VIC which court will hear the matter – Embracery

County Court


Date: 09/01/2009

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