Victorian courts started to impose Community Corrections Order as a sentencing option in Jan. 16, 2012. Usually referred to as CCO, this type of criminal penalty places an offender on an order with conditions for a period specified by the Court. Here are some of the conditions given along with a

  • must do unpaid community service
  • subject to regular monitoring
  • subject to curfews
  • must undergo treatment and rehabilitation (often related to drugs or alcohol)
  • prohibited to enter or to be in specific areas or locations
  • prohibited to drink alcohol even in some premises that are licenced
  • prohibited to have contact with a certain person or group of people
  • under house restrictions or similar prohibitions related to accommodation

Magistrates’ Courts can impose a CCO for a maximum period of two years. In County and Supreme Courts, a CCO can be imposed also for a maximum of two years or for the maximum term of imprisonment there is for an offence (whichever is longer).

Community Corrections Order replaced similar sentencing options such as Community Based Orders, Intensive Correction Orders, and Combined Custody and Treatment Orders. These three sentencing options are no longer imposed in courts in Victoria.