Despite what the police might say, being charged by the Police with an offence does not mean that you will ultimately be found guilty of that offence. It is also fair to say that Police are human and do make mistakes. In some cases there may be a case of mistaken facts, they feel be bound to take action against someone even though they would prefer not to and in other cases they may be acting illegally or have some bias or personal agenda.

There are many scenarios in which you may be found not guilty by the court.
These may include:

  • A witness has not attended court to give evidence;
  • The police have acted improperly, illegally or without cause;
  • The police or prosecution haven’t substantial evidence to prove that you committed the offence;
  • You have been charged with the wrong offence; or
  • You are able to rely on an established criminal defence

Possible criminal defences for a Court case: